I’m a evolutionary geneticist with a particular interest in how adaptation generates genetic diversity and how the use of genomics can break new ground in bio-monitoring. I primarily work on invertebrates but have some experience with microbial communities as well.20161218_104938

I completed my PhD at Massey University (Palmerston North, New Zealand) in 2014 under the supervision of Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards. Among other things my PhD research focused on examining the relationship between shell morphology, environment and genetics in a giant land snail from New Caledonia.

Upon completing my PhD I undertook a short-term research project at the Cawthron Institute (Nelson, New Zealand) under the mentorship of Susie Wood and Xavier Pochon. This project focused on examining whether molecular methods can be utilized for bio-monitoring purposes.  Following this I took up my first postdoc at Kansas State University/University of Colorado in the USA in the Ragland lab. This research focused on understanding adaptation and spatial genetic structure in two insect species. In 2017 I returned home to New Zealand to take up a postdoc position at the University of Otago to look at the genetic control of parasite behavioral manipulations in insects in the Gemmell and Poulin labs. In 2019 I was awarded a Marsden fast start to investigate how parasitic worms interact with each other inside their hosts.